Cyber Range

Secure with Confidence

Premier Federal has partnered with SimSpace to deliver the most comprehensive cybersecurity risk management platform, instilling confidence in an organization’s cybersecurity talent and technologies. With SimSpace, security teams, operational processes, and environments are continuously tested, readily available, and optimally tuned to defend against advanced adversaries.

Why Should You Care About Cyber Ranges?

SimSpace cyber ranges help organizations lessen the global talent shortage, which is crucial in today’s environment. Using SimSpace, managers can objectively evaluate job-related skills to broaden their search and eliminate biases to identify the best candidates quickly. Managers can also access more diverse candidate pools by hiring up-and-coming talent or career changers and teaching required skills using range-based training content.

PremFed + SimSpace:  Services and Offerings

Optimize Security Readiness

Easily test and train your teams. Improve security processes to reduce risk. Tune individual products or full tech stacks—before putting them into production

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Prove Cyber Compliance

Get quantitative analysis, actionable advice and evidence mapped to leading frameworks (MITRE®, NIST, CMMC®) for better decision-making and to ensure regulatory compliance.

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Up-level the Skill Set of your Teams

Perform real-world attack scenarios using Red vs. Blue cyber events to ensure complete cybersecurity readiness. Offer career paths and tailored training to increase job satisfaction.

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Ensure Cloud Readiness

Develop, evaluate, optimize and extend your core data center capabilities into cloud infrastructures.

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Reduce Time-To-Detect & Respond

Go up against AI-powered orchestrators to establish a baseline of your ability to defend against any type of attack or threat, and quantify improvements.

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Professional Services

Accelerates the assessment and deployment of security tools, speeds training and aids in executing world-class cyber events.

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