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Control Room & Video Wall Solutions

Real-time Visual Collaboration for Mission-Critical Operations.  Activu makes any information visible, collaborative, and proactive for people tasked with monitoring critical operations and incidents. Our customers in Governments, Military, DoD, Energy, Transportation, Banking, Finance, Healthcare, and others see, share, and respond to critical events in real-time, with context, to improve incident response, decision-making, and management in a Command & Control Room environment!

Where does it come from?

Founded in 1983, Activu was the first US-based company to develop Control Room Visualization technology.  More than 1,000 control rooms, monitoring, security, & operations centers depend on Activu.  It breaks the mold of old-school control rooms and puts data/information in the hands of who needs it.  A Control Room operations center is a real-time collaborative gathering place where one or more people see, share, and respond to information, monitoring the state of systems and places critical to the operation of an organization.

Real-time Visual Collaboration for Mission-Critical Operations

Control Room Solutions

Activu designs, builds, and supports Control Rooms & Command Centers, SOCs, GSOCs, NOCs, Fusion Centers, and Command Centers.  Activu is always setting new standards for the Mission-Critical Control room solutions.

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Activu’s vis|ability Enterprise platform enables IT & Cyber operations teams to respond, automatically assemble, and deliver important critical alerts to an organization and it seamlessly integrates with popular monitoring platforms.

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IT & Cyber Operations

Incident monitoring and Event driven Visual Intelligence for SOCs, NOCs, and IT & Cyber Fusion Centers.  Security and cyber platforms become part of the global security operation through a patented Activu’s Enterprise platform.

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Government & DoD

Activu’s Federal Government team brings several years of experience in sensitive environments (SCIF) and provides TAA compliant solutions from US based partners.  Its products have met DoDIN standards and are included on the APL list.

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Enterprise Platform

vis|ability  is the only network-based Visual Intelligence software solution for Mission-Critical operations. It is the most unique and flexible solution certified for use in highly secured environments including the United States Government.

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Energy & Utilities

The only NERC/CIP solution approved for the U.S. Government’s top security facilities and Active-active disaster recovery and remote location backup.  It can isolate SCADA from the network while viewing with networked resources.

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